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12 gauge Dangerous Game Slugs

for smooth and rifled barrels



The Dangerous Game Slug is possibly the most accurate and one of the most powerful slugs on today's market. The DGS is capable of producing at a range of 30/40 yards groups of about 1.5" Penetration is excellent measured to a depth of 8" (wood planks at a range of 20-25 yards)

The DGS has a total weight of about 1 1/8 oz with a diameter of .730" Dangerous game slugs can be pushed at a velocity of 1640 fps, without exceeding the Proof max of 740 bars.  This makes the DGS ideal for standard cartridges lengths**.  At a velocity of 1640 fps It is possible to obtain a kinetic energy at muzzle of 2943 ft/lb.


12 gauge dgs components  


  • The latest design - This slug has been designed from the out-set to prevent damage to barrels and chokes* by the utilisation of self adjusting semi-rigid rifling.

  • One height only - The dangerous game slug Comprises of slug and a unique one piece plastic shock absorbing wad system. This wad system is self-adjusting, eliminating the need to add or subtract card filler wads enabling easy roll turn-over closures** The pressure of firing forces the slug and wad into a single one piece projectile greatly enhancing the accuracy of this easy to load slug.

  • Exterior - The front has a dynamic ogive with helicoidally growing grooves and side bas-reliefs.

  • Interior - Two pre-set fractures allow this slug to break into two parts on impact due to the percussion of the central pin on top of the wad shank.

Warning !! only use non-concaved rolled turn-over tools.

To avoid accidental discharge. Care must be taken to ensure the tip of this pointed slug is below the rim of the case when loaded.

* (recommended choke restrictions cylinder and improved cylinder)

** (70 and 75mm cases)


  12 gauge dgs target @ 35m

12 gauge Dangerous Game Slug targets

shot under laboratory conditions

recovered slug

12 gauge dgs target @ 50m  

10 shots at 35 m.

Dangerous Game Slug recovered from backstop

10 shots at 50 m.


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