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410 cervo

410 buckshot kit

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12 gauge dangerous game slugs to 410 light game slugs


Buck Ball and Slug is the only shotgun slug supplier for reloaders in the UK that can offer all common shotgun calibers. This is no mean boast as I have spent the past few years searching for these components myself and know from my own experience they are next to impossible to find here in the UK. Now I have secured a modest supply of these elusive beasts, I am happy to pass on my good fortune to other like minded responsible reloaders, shooters, and of course collectors within the UK.


New items are being added to this site at regular intervals as supplies become available but unfortunately on occasion demand can far out strip supply. So with this in mind please take a look at my products page for availability and pricing information. If you have any comments, would like to submit a link to this site, or if you have any information you feel may be of interest to like minded re-loaders or collectors, I would be pleased to include it on Buck Ball and Slug.



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dangerous game slugs


12 gauge sabot slug


410 light game slug




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